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Stress and Anger Management

Weight loss


Test Taking

​Workshops and individual sessions are available using Skype and Facetime. Home visits in the Phoenix area may also be available

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Weight Loss
Stress and Anger Management
Pregnancy and
Test taking

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The only people that cannot be hypnotized are Very Low IQ, Intoxicated or drugged, those that don’t want to be hypnotized.


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Weight loss

There are actually many reasons why folks struggle with weight loss. Until a person understands the specific reason for their unique situation they may be wasting effort. Hypnosis can help to identify and understand the underlying root cause. This in and of itself can be freeing for many. Then efforts can be focused on the specific area necessary.

Anger Management

Don’t say anything. Just look at them while they shout.Wait until they are finished. Ask them if they are finished.


If you have a pregnancy problem, we may be able to help you. Call us “602-502-4000”.
Hypnosis can give some amazing guidance for you and your child.

Test Taker

There are many reasons why test taking may be difficult. For some the real issue may not be apparent. Many clients have seen great results by incorporating hypnosis with test taking. Hypnosis can help you explore your underlying beliefs and issues regarding test taking and assist to coach you into success

Who We Are


Dr. Heller has a successful background as a medical doctor, surgeon and hypnotherapist.

After receiving his Bachelor of Science Degree from Haverford College, he then attended the prestigious University of Pennsylvania Medical School.

He holds the distinction of delivering the first “test tube” baby born in Arizona.

Dr. Heller obtained formal training in hypnotherapy in 1995 to help his patients quit smoking, reduce stress, lose weight, have an easier childbirth and control pain.

If you are ready for a change, please contact Dr. Heller. He would be delighted to help you have the experience you want!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be hypnotized?
There are three types of people that cannot be hypnotized.
The first type is some one is drunk, really plastered or totally high on drugs.
The second is some one who is really stupid. I am talking IQ of 70 or less. If you found your way to this website you are smart enough.As a matter of fact, the smarter you are the easier it is to be hypnotized.
The third type we refer to as the wisely. Some one who just wants to show you he/she can resist. With that kind of attitude it is impossible to help that person.
My guess is that if you found this site, you are able to be hypnotized

What will it feel like?
Feelings are better experienced than described. There is a clear distinction between trying to describe what love, anger and peacefulness feel like and actually experiencing these feelings. The feeling can vary from session to session. The best way I can describe hypnosis is an altered sense of perception some times accompanied by a feeling of relaxation.

What will happen during the session?
During our first meeting I will ask you to tell me what your issue/issues are and what you would like to change. I typically allow about 30 minutes to listen to you. I then proceed to some interactive testing to see how well you will respond to hypnosis and what might be better techniques to use that would make you more responsive. We then discuss a plan of how to proceed in changing those thoughts feelings and actions so they are in line with the goals you seek. I then do a 20 minute hypnosis session to get you comfortable with the process. i call this session Opening the Door. This session is recorded for you to listen to afterwards and prepares you to have the most effective results.

Is there anything to be afraid after the session?
A misconception that people have about hypnosis is that they are giving up control. Actually the opposite is true. I am helping people to understand how to better control themselves. You will not be barking like a dog. You will feel extremely relaxed. Some people have even said they have not felt that relaxed in decades.

Will I need more than 1 session?
98% of people I see will need more than one session. Sessions are typically 1.5 hours. There are times where I will work with some one for an entire day but I would consider that more than one session and that is usually set up for people coming out of town.

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