Pre recorded sessions

I can record the session so the patient/client can listen to it over and over.
I did this for Larry and he is still on course with his "focused" energy.
I can also ensure that the client wakes up and is fully functional, just like a live session.
Hypnosis is not a "one size fits all" solution. I wish it was. If it was, then ready-made recordings would work for everyone flawlessly.

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Corporate sessions

Given the popularity of hypnosis and personal development topics, it is no wonder that it is a desired subject for many corporate seminars and on-site wellness programs.
These programs deliver valuable information and education about health and well-being, sales enhancement or specific tasks, while also being fun. Participants have reported life-changing outcomes.

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Group Sessions

Are you interested in having a group session for a private party or group of your friends? The most common request I receive for this involves weight loss.
I have also done programs with private groups for smoking cessation and past life regression. Comedy Stage Shows are also frequently requested for private parties. I have worked with groups from a few to a thousand.

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Private sessions

Something NEW, Something I believe is EXCITING.
Recently I began working with Larry, one of my consultants, using SKYPE Video and the sessions are working flawlessly.
Larry lives near Chicago, I am in Phoenix. We met at a conference a little over 2 years ago and have worked together ever since. I have met with Larry for several one on one sessions in Phoenix and I believe we have made some great strides on helping him in many areas. Larry loves hypnosis and has been using it for over 35 years with great success.

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Ask Dr.Heller

Discuss with Dr.Heller by filling the form and ask Dr.Heller A Question.

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What is Hypnotherapy?
Who is the Hypnotherapist?
Private sessions or recordings?

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Live Events

New Events Coming Soon…

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Information of Hypnosis

New Information Coming Soon…

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Case Studies

When I first began my group weight loss program several years ago, there were two 78-year-old ladies who attended the weekly sessions

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Workshop Testimonials

Your presentation relating to stress and how to understand and (more importantly) cope with it was right on point.

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Success Stories

Quit Smoking
Speedy Surgical Recovery
Assisting Cancer Patients and More…

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Live Programs

Become an Affiliate by filling the form.

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