Exorcism on Christmas Eve

Exorcism on Christmas Eve

Doing and exorcism on Christmas Eve sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie or maybe the new Anthony Hopkins movie, yet that is exactly what I did this past Christmas Eve.

If you are questioning my sanity, I don’t blame you. This is unusual territory, even for me.

This exorcism was my second. I kind of stumbled into it, just like I did the first one about 6 years ago. The one six years ago came out of nowhere. During a session, all of a sudden an evil entity presented itself as possessing the person I was working with.  Out of nowhere came ” I am evil, I am not leaving and you can’t make me!” The voice was totally different from the person sitting in the chair . Needless to say, after about 30 minutes, I was able to get the “entity” to leave.

This most recent experience came with some warning. A lady in her 50’s sent to me to help with insomnia. However, once she opened up, there was a multitude of issues. Her entire life had been misery and suffering. Happiness was something she had never experienced.

During her first three sessions, I was able to get her to be as relaxed as a wet noodle, yet once out of trance she stated emphatically that she experienced no relaxation whatsoever.

At the end of her second session, she went into a past life as the explanation for her misery. She was beaten from the age of a young child and throughout that lifetime. She never felt security and so perhaps this present life was a holdover from a past life?

Although I spent hours talking with this lady, it wasn’t until after the third session that she shared some fascinating information with me. She had an old friend who was a psychic. She had not seen this woman for years. For some reason, out of the clear blue, this woman came to her house, told her she was possessed and would need help to get the entity out of her. This clairvoyant just felt compelled to tell her this and then just left her house not to be heard from again.  Then another gentleman appeared in her life, only to tell her the same thing!

After hearing this story, I started to tell her about the exorcism I did a number of years ago.  All this conversation occurred during a phone call. We also reviewed some of the major issues in this life that could be contributing to her current feelings and way of being. These were issues like always having to be the “fixer” or the one to “give in” so others could get their way.

When she came in for her fourth session, we decided we would try and resolve some of her current life issues using hypnosis.

During the first 20 minutes of the session, I could not get my electronic equipment to work properly, even though I had no problem the night before using it for a session and also testing it  right before she arrived to be sure it was working fine.

After 20 minutes, I abandoned the idea of making a recording and told her that we would just do a few minutes to “reset” then I would bring her out of trance and restart with a clean full session.

During these few minutes, while in trance, I asked her if there was something within her that was keeping her from being able to get a result from the session we were about to do.  The answer was a resounding yes!

At that point, I decided to pursue going after whatever this was and did not bring her back out of trance. There was 45 minutes of dealing with a black entity that did not want to leave, gripping scars on her chest and throat and ultimately release!

At the end of the session, I could see a white aura around her. Something I have to admit, I have never quite seen like this. Her voice changed…. her demeanor changed. She so was elated that the closest way I could describe her feeling would be like someone just winning a world championship!

I have done several thousand sessions and this one would rank up there as one of the most amazing session I ever had the pleasure of performing.

After this session, I have been in touch with her several times.  She still feels relief and freedom to be herself for the first time in her life.  She realizes that the ups and downs of life will be there but what was the dark cloud has been lifted.

Now some of you may be thinking was this a “real” entity or not? Rather than answer that directly, I will leave you with this thought.  For years, I have used past life regression to resolve issues of all kinds for clients. Whether you believe in past lives or not, most will agree that you will get a therapeutic effect using past life regression. The same is true here. Whether you believe in evil entities or not, the positive impact on this lady’s life following this session is priceless!

By the way, my wife and I share the same office and she was wondering whether the entity was still in the office. I told her it went out the window, never to come back!

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