Given the popularity of hypnosis and personal development topics, it is no wonder that it is a desired subject for many corporate seminars and on-site wellness programs. These programs deliver valuable information and education about health and well-being, sales enhancement or specific tasks, while also being fun. Participants have reported life-changing outcomes.

Whether it is for a small accounting firm or a large national corporation, in a lecture series or group workshop, Dr. Heller’s live events can provide the motivation toward a new path. Given in a corporate setting, not only will the participants be delighted with their outcomes, but this of course leads to enhanced benefits for the businesses and companies. It is generally accepted that improving the health of workers leads to increased productivity.

Dr. Heller offers a unique edge with the merging of his knowledge as a physician, hypnotherapist and business acumen. He is able to tailor his programs to a variety of topics and agendas, whether it is for a one hour speaking engagement or a multi-day workshop, given at your designated location, whether it is around the block or around the world.

There are a variety of popular topics being requested today. While programs are always custom-tailored for you, the most popular group seminars or workshops are in the areas of stress management, weight control, sales enhancement or smoking cessation. The workshops employ powerful hypnotic reconditioning and behavioral modification techniques that allow you to reach your goals. Group presentations are conducted either at your business or designated off site location, or individually in Dr. Heller’s Phoenix office. Dr. Heller is available for out-of state seminars and workshops.

To schedule your enlightening educational seminar or workshop, please contact Dr. Heller at e-mail or call 602-502-4000.


Stage hypnosis is a fun and entertaining way to see the power of hypnosis in action.  Dr. Heller has been called upon for repeat stage shows for both corporate and private events.

To schedule your stage show, please contact Dr. Heller  or call 602-502-4000.

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