Case Studies

When I first began my group weight loss program several years ago, there were two 78-year-old ladies who attended the weekly sessions. Each of these ladies over the course of little more than a year lost 80 pounds! One of them came to the first session limping with a cane and taking medication for high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. Over the course of the sessions, she was able to walk normally without a cane and was able to safely eliminate all her medications to the amazement of her internist. What this demonstrates to me is that hypnotherapy can effective for weight loss for all types of situations.

A 50-year-old gentleman came to his first group session eating five quarts of ice cream a week. During the week after the session he only had one quart of ice cream. Over the course of several more weeks, he totally eliminated ice cream from his diet. He proceeded to lose 10 pounds within a few weeks. At this point he was willing to admit at one session that he was drinking 64 ounces of cola every morning. After that session, he completely stopped drinking cola and proceeded to lose another 15 pounds, which brought him to his ideal weight.

Pregnancy Case Studies

A woman in her second pregnancy desired hypnotherapy to assist her in having an easier time with childbirth. Her first pregnancy was complicated by a c/section after 25 hours of labor. She was completely dilated but for the last 3 hours was unable to push out the baby. Four hypnotherapy sessions were conducted during her second pregnancy. The sessions focused on an easy pregnancy following by a rapid labor and delivery where the uterus would contract effectively and the pelvic musculature would relax. The patient’s labor was three hours from start to finish ending up in an uncomplicated vaginal delivery.

I was called once to assist in a c/section for a patient having her second child. The first child was a normal vaginal birth. I assessed the patient and could tell the problem was that her pelvic muscles were too tight and she was not pushing effectively because she was “out of control”. Using some simple hypnotherapeutic effects, I was able to relax the patient and within 10 minutes she was able to have a natural birth. From a financial standpoint, I would have received $300 for assisting in the C/section. Utilizing hypnotherapy I saved this patient from undergoing a major operative procedure and saved her insurance company thousands of dollars. I received no financial compensation for my efforts. However, the look on her face after helping her was “priceless”.


A gentleman was preparing for hip surgery. Prior to the surgery it was requested by his physician that he lose weight. The gentleman was in his late sixties and had become addicted to eating “Red Hots” candy. He had no difficulties eliminating other junk food but was really struggling with this one craving. One session was completely successful eliminating this craving and helping him to lose weight.

At the gentleman’s request, we did a second session to prepare him for his upcoming hip surgery. The hypnotherapy session covered several elements when preparing for surgery that included:

Positive mental attitude prior to the procedure
Minimal blood loss during the procedure
Minimal pain and discomfort following the procedure
Rapid healing following the procedure
This gentleman approached this procedure now with minimal stress. According to what his operating surgeon told him, he has never seen such minimal blood loss for this kind of procedure. His postoperative recovery went extremely well to the point where at 2 weeks postoperatively he was doing was as well if not better than most people six weeks post operatively.

The power of the mind has a lot of control on the physiologic function of the body. If you would like assistance in preparing for an upcoming surgical procedure, please feel free to contact me for further information

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